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UK5, SK5, F10, F12, F15, F20, F22, F25, F30, F40, F45
Fields Organic Felts

USES: Fields organic felts are excellent underlayments for steep-slope roofing such as 3-tab shingles, wood shakes, and tiles. In addition, these felts can be installed under all types of building materials, flooring, and sidingincluding stucco, aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Fields organic felts are excellent secondary protection barriers against wind, moisture, and other environmental elements.

DESCRIPTION: Fields asphalt saturated felts are made from virgin and recycled wood pulp that is saturated with a premium asphalt, except UK5 KraftFelt. The saturation of the organic felt mat promotes a greater resistance to vapor transmission, a heavier sheet, greater tensile strength, and more resistance to tear when being installed. UK5 KraftFelt is unsaturated and is for certain speciality installations that require a more absorbent sheet.

Fields ASTM Felts: F15, F25, F35, & F45
Typical Test Criteria for ASTM D226 Felts:
Typical Test Criteria Type 15 Type 30
Rollwidth, minimum inches: 36 38 or 18
Area of roll, minimum sf: 324 or 432 216 or 180
Net mass saturated felt, minimum lb/100 sf: 11.5 26
Mass of saturant, minimum lb/100 sf: 6.2 15
Mass of desaturant felt, minimum lb/100 sf: 5.2 10
Ash, maximum percent: 10 10

Fields UBG Felts: UK5 & SK5
Typical Test Criteria for UU-B-7902 Type I Grade D Felts:
Typical Test Criteria UK5-Style 1A SK5-Style 2
Uniform Building Code Standard Number 17.1 17.1
Pounds Roll Weight 13 lbs 18lbs
Square Feet per Roll 500 500
Roll Width 36 inches 36 inches
Roll Length 167 feet 167 feet
Rolls per Pallet 100 100

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